Olivier Strebelle

Portrait Olivier Strebelle by Karl Arno

Olivier Strebelle



"Individualistic, self-willed and daring, Olivier Strebelle has developed a sense for risk as an essential component in his life as well as in his work.  He has kept from his childhood an interest for representation standing aside from all spiritual or aesthetic groups.  Converting subjects into objects (large, if possible) has remained his preference.  Before bronze and steel, earth and snow were his sources of inspiration."  (Philippe Dasnoy)

Olivier Strebelle is one of the most symbolic artists of his country.  Born into a family of artists in Brussels in 1927, he starts taking classes in ceramics and sculpture at the age of 15.  In 1949 together with Alechinsky, Reinhoud, Dotremont and Olyff, he founds "Les Ateliers du Marais", headquarter of the art movement "Cobra".

By the age of 20 he has already gained great reputation and is invited to teach at universities all over the world.  Today you will find his sculptures displayed in major cities in Europe, in the United States and Asia.

Olivier left us the 29th of july, 2017.