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Deuxième accrochage
19 September 2018 | 18:00
12 July 2018 - 25 October 2018




At the end of 2006, Franca Ravet, comfortably seated in her Brussels studio, syringe in one hand, prints what appears to us as a human profile. It seems to move toward us, to get out of itself, until the splitting point.

The artist remembers this precise moment, for it has frozen in her mind a powerful desire to repeat, no longer the gesture, since it seemed to be achieved, but the motive itself.

June 2018, the profile did not leave her mind.It continues to haunt her, but as a small inner music that takes her away without knowing exactly where, in each new canvas.

A black line, a near-human presence, almost identical, which is repeated itself with the same pleasure. As if Franca Ravet had launched the challenge of looking into herself, to recover herself perhaps, to remember not only her own story, but all those before her, since Man felt the need to mark his presence in this world. To be immortal.

So the mark is incantatively coming back to this original human matrix. It asserts the superiority of art, the one that attests to its existence as a human being, thinking and creative, capable of reinventing itself for ever.

For she always returns to it, and again for a long time, she says, since the imprint does not seem to want to fade from her memory.

All the work is about history and memory, but not only. An even more ambitious project seems to underlie the work of the artist. The quest for a certain truth, which, since it is not unique, confronts new realities in search of itself.

The motive is printed, layered, multiplied, but never exactly the same.

It is a denial of perfection, a definition of art. A pattern, a musicality that evolve on a changing landscape where is reflected the ambition of the artist .

There is also movement in the paintings of Franca Ravet. A progression, a becoming. A search for transcendence that results in a Sisyphean deepening of oneself and of what surrounds us.

The techniques and the subjects follow each other and invite us to vibrate with the pattern of heady beats.


Malika Es-saïdi

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franca ravet, extreme limite, 40x30cm, 2017
franca ravet, du même sang, 100x140cm,2017
franca ravet, blanc et noir, 100x70cm,2018
franca ravet,écran de fumée, 100x70cm, 2017
franca ravet,écran total, 100x80cm, 2017
franca ravet, L'omerta, 100x100cm, 2018
franca ravet, La loi du silence, 100x70cm, 2017
franca ravet, la planque, 100x70cm, 2016
franca ravet, la proie, 140x120 cm,2018
franca ravet, la source, 100x100cm, 2015
franca ravet, le passage, 100x160cm,2017
franca ravet, tête promise, 100x70cm, 2016
franca ravet, l'effervescence du vide, 100x100cm, 2012
franca ravet, les heures creuses, 60x60cm, 2016
franca ravet,l'évasion, 100x140cm, 2018
franca ravet, l'ombre de Caen,100x100, 2011
franca ravet, meduse bleue, 60x60cm, 2017
franca ravet,mémoire trouble, 100x100cm, 2017
franca ravet, ne te retourne pas, 100x210cm, 2017
franca ravet, noir égo, 140x120 cm, 2017
franca ravet, orages inter-lopes, 110x110, 2018
franca ravet, resilience, 150x160cm, 2018
franca ravet, sans appel, 100x70cm, 2016
franca ravet, sans titre, 20x20cm,2010
franca ravet, sans titre, 20x20cm,2014
franca ravet, tabou, 60x60cm,2017
franca ravet, sans titre, 20x20cm,2015
franca ravet, turbulences, 100x210cm, 2017
franca ravet, une guêpe dans la ruche, 100x100cm, 2018
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